Monday, December 11, 2006

So young, such great pals...

Moira and Norah have always best friends, even while in utero. I mean, how could they not be? They share all the same hobbies. When one is cranky, she passes it on to the other. If one doesn't sleep, then surely enough within days, the other has issues too. What is it with these girls? If this is going on now while Moira is 8 months old and Norah is 3 months old, then God help us when they are teenagers!

They like to hang together in their carseats, as you can see. They first met up when Norah was 11 days old and Moira was 5 months.

Still chillin' in the carseat - Norah is 3 months and Moira is 8 months...

And tonight they really got to hang out. We had a small disaster when Moira went to embrace Norah with a hug and a kiss (ha!) and she accidentally dropped the mirror from the Ocean Wonders gym on her nose. Moira said she was sorry and that it was an accident and Norah told her it was ok. They then finally hugged and all was well in infant land.

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