Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's MARCH. And that means....Norah is 6 months! Yes, that's right. As of March 5th, she's halfway to her first birthday.

Each day is bringing something new and exciting! She loves soaking up the world around her. Her current obsessions include ceiling fans at the fire station, picking up odds and ends at Wal-Mart (she loves the electronics department, go figure...she's so Rich's kid) and watching other babies and kids, especially her cousins.

Norah went for her big 6 month appointment last Monday and it looks like our once height-off-the-charts kid has slowed down a little. The doctor thinks she just had one heck of a growth spurt in December! She got 4 shots and as usual was a champ. She was out like a light before we even hit the parking lot.

The girl still desperately wants her sleep when she wants it. No bargaining on that one. She's finally starting some sort of regular napping routine during the day and still continues to go to bed super early, around 7:30p.m. depending on the night. She'll sleep until about 6am or so. But it never fails, she'll always wait until the night before I have a meeting the next day or something and she'll decide to have a party in her crib at 2am on random nights. Nice. For the most part, we've got the sleep thing under control. For now anyway!

She still loves her swing. She'll love it all the way until her legs fall over the edges.

I completey did a double take looking at this one. This is a face that Rich makes all the time. I laughed when I saw this.

Later on if this weather stays nice (nice meaning no sub-zero temps, no unearthly winds, no snow) then Norah and I are headed out in the stroller for a walk. We plan on doing a lot of that when the weather's nice.

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O' my gosh Stacy!Miss Nora is so beautiful!!! I cannot believe how big she is getting.