Friday, September 21, 2007

Who's kid is this?

We really do have to wonder sometimes where she gets her personality from... Last week while en route to the bathroom for a dip in the tub, she managed to get her diaper off herself and then proceeded to throw it on the floor. She then squatted down on the kitchen floor and peed. She ran away from us, opening up the snack drawer and flinging Pringles all over the floor in the process. She ended her little mid-day joy ride by hopping on her ride on fire engine backwards. Naked, of course and laughing, mind you, the entire time. And a few more photos, while we're at it:

She's also carrying a picture of big sister Ashley around the house and hugging and kissing the picture! Isn't that something?!

Babbling like crazy. New words she's saying: Doggie, Duck, Mom, Mama, Mam Maw, Dada, All Done. And the most exciting one yet? She saw a fire engine last night and yelled "Weeeeeee ooooooooo" That's our girl. :)

Ma ma ma ma ma ma

Watch Norah's face as the fire engine goes by and sounds the air horn. So funny!

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