Saturday, December 1, 2007

15 Months Old...

It's been a couple of months....time for an update! Norah is quite the character, and her personality seems to get funnier with each passing day. She's also an affectionate little bugger. She loves to pick up a picture of her big sister Ashley, and walk around the house with it, hugging it tighly and then kissing it. She also kisses mommy and daddy all the time and we love every minute of it. Moments like that make up for her exorcist moments...fellow parents: you know what I mean!

Things she says: Mama, Da da or da, Ba ba, Bye Bye, Doggie, Fishy, All Done, Sit Down, Norah and probably the most famous of all is her very stern "No" that she'll tell you, as she points. Everyone finds this pretty humorous!

There are probably more things she says, but those are the words that audibly we can comprehend! She's pretty good at telling us off in Baby Babble.

Let's see...what else is new with her? She still has the attention span of a gnat, which I'm sure is normal for her age. She loves baths. She hates to get dressed, however she insists to put her shoes on, even if we're not going anywhere. She likes to brush her hair and play with trucks and boats (even making motor sounds). She likes to carry around her purse and she also loves leggos; mommy and daddy's little structural engineer, perhaps?

Enough talking. How about pictures? I have lots, but I'll share the most recent. These are photos taken by my friend Andrea, who was in visiting from Atlanta. She captured some amazing expressions! (Click on the picture for the full size image)

We hope this finds you well...drop us a line and stay in touch!

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